Bi-metal Band Saw Blade

Excellent Raw Material

Best products must come from Best raw materials, so we only use the best steel imported from Austria Bohler and German Bilstein and occasionally using a small amount of the top grade steel from mainland to guarantee the product quality at the very beginning of source.

The Most Advanced Latest Production Facility

As well as the importance of raw material, production equipment is another thing determines the quality of final products.So, in order to absolutely guarantee the band saw quality at the highest level in all respects, Hengda imports numerous the most advanced production lines from German and Sweden, promising the high precision and all due parameters in accordance with correlative standards,

Professional R&D Team

It is a team combines with all professional senior bi-metal engineers who have been making great contribution to band saw industry with dozens of years’ continuous mental dedication, withholding such wonderful R&D team and backed up by our factory’s own advantages and experience accumulated through the passing 20 years, all Hengda people are confident about its quality and service.

Amazing Technical Support

Hengda launches long-term cooperative partnership with a number of famous and renowned Bi-metal band saw manufacturers home and abroad, and the material study institutes and also the production line supplier. Hengda invited and employed plenty industrial experts to obtain their consultancy and guidance, this way, to insure our bi-metal band saw production develop stably and rewardingly for long period.

All products In-house production of our own

Hengda’s management principles are Total Quality Management, Free-defects Product, On-Time-Production. Every piece of our products is produced in our own factory from the state of raw material to the end products. We control the whole procedures of manufacturing and management, by this advantage, Hengda always initiate to integrate itself for best efficiency and continuously lower down price as much as possible.

The Most Flexible Business Mode

In addition to Hengda’s own brands: LINGYING, HENGDA and DAJU, all customers old and new are welcome to sell our brands, or place OEM/ODM order to us, and customize your own desirable products. Different markets demand differently, Hengda always input heavily upon its R&D center, wherever our customers are, you are always welcome to challenge us, because challenge is a good friend of opportunity. To grow together with our customers is more than anything Hengda ever want.